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Data Center

Com equipe de especialistas, o Grupo Binário projeta, planeja, implementa e suporta ambientes virtualizados.

Grupo binário

Having the know-how in the operation of Data Centers as a Service Provider, Grupo Binário, offers a complete solution for the design, operation and provision of services for large companies and service providers.

To identify and determine the necessary changes to your Data Center architecture, we offer an extensive portfolio of solutions and services to help you increase business responsiveness and reduce costs.

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DCI (Data Center Interconnect)

DCI (Data Center Interconnect) is a segment of the network market that focuses on the technology used to connect two or more data centers, so that facilities can share resources. There are many options for DCI connectivity and the selection of the correct one depends on a wide variety of variables, including the location of the data centers, the distance between the data centers, the bandwidth and availability requirements, the resources of the local service providers and any security concerns.

ToR (Top of Rack)

In a Data Center, there are several server racks/storage. Each rack contains multiple devices. TOR – Top of Rack architecture, recommends that the network of switches should be placed in each rack and all equipment in this rack connected to it. In turn, these switches can be connected to the aggregation switches using one / or more cables.


A Hyperconvergence infrastructure uses software to allow a single server to do the work of several traditional servers, so taking up less space.

Server Virtualization

Network solutions of 25 GbE and above, with higher speeds, can run multiple protocols simultaneously (RoCE, iSCSI, etc.), offering better performance with unmatched scalability and efficiency. This helps to reduce costs by offering the ability to support an increasingly virtualized and agile Data Center.

Controllerless Network Virtualization

BGP: The same protocol that runs the Internet is used to propagate the MAC/IP accessibility and create a highly scalable virtualized network. With support for all types of VXLAN routing and simultaneously with RoCE, Spectrum switches are the ideal basis for a modern virtualized infrastructure.

Ethernet Storage Fabric

New storage technologies, such as NVMe Over Fabrics, have dramatically improved storage performance. Supporting high-bandwidth performance, compact integration and Turn-Key integration are some of the typical storage solutions.