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Grupo binário

Network optimization refers to a set of technologies and techniques focused on improving network performance. The optimization techniques seek to creatively manage the use of bandwidth, minimize latency, packet loss, congestion and instability.

Knowing that people and machines need to communicate with each other in a dynamic way, it is necessary that the network corresponds to these desires with the best performance possible, for this we work with a dedicated team, able to assist your business with the best solutions available in market for this segment.

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CPE - Customer Premises Equipment

Many providers use physical, dedicated Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) to provide managed services. As you try to manage and scale deployments, the addition of proprietary devices can become operationally exhausting and expensive.

With Grupo Binário’s CPE solutions for managed services and SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN), service providers can use virtual network function software (VNFs) and open x86-based platforms to augment and implement managed services.

Provide personalized and dynamic experiences anywhere on the network where demand is needed, with just a click or two on the software, to streamline what you need, at much lower costs.

End users are demanding the ability to access their network services through a remote manager that allows them to add, drag or change services at any desired time. Grupo Binário’s CPE solutions can meet your demand, in a lean and complete way.

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Grupo Binário offers its customers the most complete network infrastructure solutions (IaaS), providing your business with a high-speed connection, longer service life and lower cost, through GPON technology.

By using passive splitters, GPON allows a single fiber to do what multiple fibers can do – giving the end user the ability to consolidate multiple services into a single fiber data network.

GPON is also fully scalable, without the need to recover the network again. The systems can be configured for many or even thousands of users with multiple OLT chassis.

The end result is a highly available customizable fiber network for all forms of IP-based services.

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SDN - Software Defined Network

Network virtualization, or SDN (Software Defined Network), allows companies to have programmable control, as a centralized software architecture makes systems flexible, eliminating the need for configuring a network dependent on spacious and costly hardware.

The software will work configured for the connection of the proposed network in its virtualized structure, in addition, resources are quickly optimized through dynamic, automated programs derived from the SDN itself.

A highly connected corporate network brings benefits to the intercommunication flow, in the control of demands and data, and independence, as it unties the company’s ecosystem, previously limited by physical networks.

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Grupo Binário has complete solutions for optimizing your business network infrastructure, through the application and management of SD-WAN in your network architecture, integrating your company with the largest manufacturers and the best solutions in the market in this segment.

SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture that allows companies to take advantage of any combination of network traffic services, including MPLS, LTE and broadband Internet services, to securely connect users to the network.

An SD-WAN uses a centralized control function to direct traffic securely and intelligently over the WAN, SD-WAN solutions allow a company to effectively take advantage of all its available network connections to their full capacity, directly impacting the operation of your business.

In the long run, by adopting the features allowed by applying the SD-WAN concept to your network, your business will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having an integrated work environment.
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Ethernet Storage Fabric

New storage technologies, such as NVMe Over Fabrics, have dramatically improved storage performance. Supporting high-bandwidth performance, compact integration and Turn-Key integration are some of the main storage solutions.


A Hyperconvergence infrastructure uses software to allow a single server to do the work of several traditional servers, so taking up less space.