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O grupo Binário oferece uma consultoria altamente capacitada para resolver os mais diversos tipos de problemas de automação.

Grupo binário

QoS is one of the forefront departments of Grupo Binário focused on providing services. We have highly qualified professionals in a variety of network and telecommunications solutions. We offer a wide range of services to attend different markets, such as service providers, corporate and government. We are certified by the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, an international recognition that attests to quality management systems for services provided. Our portfolio involves: projects, consulting, support, training and solutions using different modalities of IaaS.

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TRO Center

The Training Center (TRO Center) was created to attend the professionals in the IP world who need to be always up to date with new technologies.

QoS brings updated courses to Brazil and Latin America, providing training for individual professionals and companies.

For the manufacturers we represent in our Training Center, we have internationally certified instructors and a laboratory equipped with the latest technology, making the structure of our laboratory ideal for in-depth studies aimed at preparing for certification exams or conducting tests.

  • Technical Enablement
  • Certified Training
  • Workshops


QoS consultancy is a study carried out to assess the need and possibility of prioritizing application traffic, pointing out the needs for network improvement, this type of consultancy is indicated mainly in networks that use or intend to use Voice over IP, Video over IP, or other protocols that require quality of service.

Planning: Assessment and Design

The analysis of network projects consists of verifying an existing project or network based on the current and future needs and characteristics of each client. In existing networks, a survey is carried out with the customer of all network elements such as switches, routers and firewalls, versions of existing software and functions are also verified, while in operation, and also supported, but unused functions of each equipment. A study of the current network topology, to understand the functions of each element.

At the end of the consultancy, we deliver complete reports of the analysis carried out.

Execution: Deployment, Installation and Migration

Today companies are increasingly focused on their business so that they can obtain the best possible results, it is always necessary to acquire and implement a network structure that supports their business, but often companies do not have technical qualifications to specify the type and the size of the network for this support.

QoS works with the customer in the specification of this infrastructure by monitoring and carrying out RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal) and RFQ (Request for Quotation), with this the customer can keep focused on their business, knowing that the infrastructure will support their needs with quality and meeting the expectations as specified and analyzed by a highly-qualified team in IP technology.


The LGPD – Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (General Data Protection Act) automatically applies to all companies that deal with their customer’s personal data. The objective is to harmonize the data flow and reinforce the rights that Brazilian citizens have over their data maintained and processed by organizations.

The regulation aims to give people more power over their information and make companies more transparent in the way they handle confidential information. The LGPD applies to any organization that operates data in three ways:

  • When personal data is collected in Brazil;
  • When the data is related to individuals located in Brazilian territory;
  • When aiming to offer products and/or services to the Brazilian public.

Grupo Binário, through its solutions and services, can assist your business by checking the maturity of IT/IS processes; validation of policies and technical vulnerabilities related to personal and sensitive data.

For more information on the subject and its implications, please contact us, we have a specialized team that can assist you with this demand.


With the highest quality infrastructure, the NOC has been designed for 24/7/365 availability, perform O&M services on equipment and infrastructure, support activations, performance reporting, risk mitigation and audit networks.


SOC is directly responsible for keeping your company safe from any threat that may arise, checking all incidents, ensuring identification, analysis, defense, investigation and detailed reporting. It is a monitoring model, mainly focused on remote interactions, and it is no longer necessary for a technician to be present at each demand, solving everything from a distance. A security operations center monitors all network activities, servers, databases, applications, terminals, websites and any other systems in use in the company.

Through Grupo Binário’s service department, QOS, SOC is one of the main solutions offered providing continuous security.