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O grupo Binário oferece uma consultoria altamente capacitada para resolver os mais diversos tipos de problemas no contexto de mobilidade.

Grupo binário

Flexibilization of work has become a business strategy, making employees more productive, mobile and integrated with other departments, by exchanging wired for wireless connections, redesigning the work environment. Grupo Binário offers highly qualified consultancy to design, implement and solve the most diverse types of challenges in the context of mobility.

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Setting up a wireless network

Defining the location of the points to establish the best signal distribution through an analysis of the space (Site Survey) in order to guarantee connection quality for everyone.

Wireless network management

Actions associated with controlling activities and monitoring the use of resources in the network environment. The basic tasks of this management, in summary, are: to obtain information from the network, to make it diagnose possible problems and to inform solutions to these problems. To fulfill these objectives, management functions must be embedded in various components of the network, making it possible to detect, predict and react to problems that may occur.

Captive portal

Captive Portal is responsible for controlling and managing users on public or private networks that provide open access for its users (malls, stores, airports). Captive Portal provides access to the internet by providing information that allows us to identify the user, name, personal ID number, e-mail, in order to avoid the use of the network by people with malicious intentions, while maintaining the security guidelines established by law.

Access points

More technological than Wi-Fi repeaters, an access point is a network device that allows you to take the Internet signal to different environments, it connects to network devices via cable (such as routers and switches), allowing you to take wireless signal to other extremities with more speed, safety and control, all of which are important for those who want a safe and controlled environment.

Site survey

A Technical inspection is carried out at the locations where the Wifi equipment is to be installed is called a site survey, in order to measure the most suitable locations for the equipment to be installed, the number of access points and units needed to allow all users to have connection quality.

Mobile engagement

It is the act of involving a user through the messaging channels available inside and outside of an application. Companies use Mobile Engagement to deliver positive brand experiences, support their business goals and build valuable long-term relationships. Engagement usually starts the moment a user downloads the app. Showing users the value of the app from the beginning is essential to creating a long-term relationship that will keep them coming back.