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Cyber Security

O grupo Binário possui uma equipe altamente capacitada para oferecer os mais diversos tipos de soluções em Cyber Security.

Grupo binário

Cyber security, also known as information technology security, is a system for protecting computers, networks, programs and data against unauthorized access and malicious users.

To ensure a secure network against external and internal attacks, Grupo Binário offers Cyber security solutions, services and consultancy.

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Vulnerability Analysis

The (periodic) execution of a Vulnerability Analysis is essential to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to security compromise of business systems before malicious parties find and exploit them.

Points covered in a vulnerability analysis:

  • Defines and classifies technology resources, such as network and systems;
  • Assigns levels of importance, risks and impacts to technology resources;
  • Identifies potential threats to each resource;
  • Establishes parties responsible for correcting vulnerabilities;
  • Provides information for developing strategies to deal with potential problems based on risks and impacts;
  • Helps in minimizing impacts in case of virtual attacks.

In the case of security breaches as a result of application vulnerability analysis it is necessary to take actions, which may be preventive or corrective.

For this, Grupo Binário relies on a team of professionals using specialized information security tools to detect before the vulnerability becomes a real threat and causes damage.

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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are constantly evolving and use a variety of technologies to undermine the stability of your business. This type of attack can be used to damage the infrastructure of the server on which the site is hosted, exploit vulnerabilities in application protocols or even act as a smokescreen for other malicious activities.

For this, Grupo Binário offers complete solutions aimed at perpetuating the prevention of DDoS attacks using sophisticated algorithms capable of identifying the different sources of traffic your site is receiving, identifying the type of attack as soon as possible and fighting against it.

Protecting your company from DDoS attacks is a permanent responsibility and one that constantly requires attention. Therefore, contact one of our specialists and avoid this problem.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security tools are designed to monitor and protect all parts of a network infrastructure. This way, the company is able to prevent security breaches in these devices from being used for invasions and data theft.

This type of solution was created to deal with the new corporate IT environment, working strategically to identify new threats, blocking unsafe connections and devices that can be used for data theft.

So, the company can create a new layer of protection for its users while their routines become ever more flexible.

Do you want to know more about the Endpoint solutions that Grupo Binário has to offer and how it can impact your business? Contact our team of experts right now!


CASBs are softwares hosted in the cloud or locally, which are between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to enforce security, compliance and governance policies for cloud applications. CASBs help organizations extend security controls from their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Nowadays, CASB is a critical element of a company’s security policy, making its application in a Cloud architecture essential.

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IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices and objects interconnected through various network technologies. All of these connected things can communicate with each other and also with an external environment.

Combining hardware, embedded software, communication services and IT services, IoT facilitates the interconnection of end-user devices and the underlying communication devices.

These standalone devices are exposed to a wide range of cyber threats and are, of course, very attractive to cybercriminals. They are commonly used as initial entry points to gain access into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or even large corporate networks.

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Security Operations Center is a new monitoring model, mainly focused on remote interactions, and it is no longer necessary for a technician to be present at each demand, being able to solve everything from a distance.

A security operations center monitors all network activities, servers, databases, applications, terminals, websites and any other systems in use in the company.

SOC is directly responsible for keeping your company safe from any threat that may arise, checking all incidents, ensuring their identification, analysis, defense, investigation and detailed reporting.

Grupo Binário, through its service department, QoS, provides continuous security services, where SOC is one of the many solutions offered.

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