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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence when applied to a business tends to be a great ally to aid in countless processes that surround the purchase cycle, being side-by-side to the consumer almost entirely, which makes it a tool that maximizes the sales power, especially those within the digital environment.

Some of the features already included in AI (Artificial Intelligence) are:

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Data analysis is no longer done manually. With AI it is possible to filter, group and analyze information. In addition, a new adoption of the technology is to turn relevant words into numbers to teach machines to separate, for example, spam emails or to classify people based on their personal tastes.

Virtual customer service

Frequently asked questions can now be answered by a Chatbot, recognizing spoken keywords. Even though there is still a big gap with such a variety of accents in the same country, in terms of words and ways of saying the same thing, companies are developing tools that are correcting these issues to make AI more efficient.

Test A/B

Before putting a definitive portal on the air, web design programmers test one version, to see how users behave and then post a second version. The one that remains is the one that kept the internet user connected the longest. With Artificial Intelligence, from many usage studies that have been programmed, the machine, itself, can predict which of the portals will be preferred, eliminating this process.

Fraud prevention

Financial institutions use AI to identify non-standard behaviors of their customers. An incoming access from another country, operations that are not usually performed or outside the habitual time, use of ATMs, all can issue security alerts for closer monitoring.

Recommendation of products and services

From an online purchase, even if the user is not logged in, Artificial Intelligence is able to make recommendations for complementary products to those that were initially chosen. The famous words ‘who bought this book was also interested in:’ is an algorithm by genre and frequency of previous combinations.