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Sediada em Connecticut, EUA, com escritórios e parceiros ao redor do mundo, a Siemon oferece a mais abrangente gama de soluções de cabeamento de cobre e fibra disponível.

Siemon – The Same Name in Quality, Innovation and Values Since 1903

Founded in 1903, Siemon is a leading company specializing in the manufacture and innovation of high-quality, high-performance network cabling solutions.

With their Headquarters in Connecticut, USA, with offices and partners around the world, Siemon offers the most comprehensive range of copper and fiber cabling solutions available. Siemon’s laboratories invest significantly in R&D and the development of industry standards, reinforcing the company’s long-term commitment to its consumers and the industry.

Siemon: Connecting the world to a higher standard

At Siemon, everything we do is guided by a shared global vision …

“To be a reliable partner, an expert whose services and advanced technology provide high quality, high performance network infrastructure solutions, anywhere in the world.”

… and we judge our success by how we execute Siemon’s Vision – by how we deliver our Values to our partners and consumers, every day, in all parts of the world.

The highest/A higher standard of competence

  • Siemon Labs – The heart of Innovation at Siemon
  • Over 400 active patents related to the participation of cabling structure standards – leading the groups that lead the industry
  • Dedicated resources focused on understanding and supporting the unique needs of the market
  • More than 100 years of knowledge in consumer-focused telecommunications

The highest/A higher standard of quality

  • World Quality – not just a task, but an unyielding commitment integrated with manufacturing and automation
  • Purity of /Pure materials, which undergo a high automated production process and thorough inspection, all products are characterized to the highest standards.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certification in all Siemon units, globally
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Certification, as well as several environmental awards and certifications for supporting sustainable construction initiatives
  • Control of statistical process and Six Sigma methodology
  • Beyond the Product: Siemon applies the same commitment to quality to its value-added services and programs

The highest/A higher standard of technology

Siemon leads the market in technology and innovation, ensuring the widest choice of modern cabling solutions available.

  • Category 5e pioneers since 1994
  • Category 6/Class E products in 1998
  • TERA category 7A/Class FA in 1999
  • Industrial Ethernet RJ-45 connector in 2001
  • Suites made of copper and fiber with 10Gb/s since 2003
  • BladePatch high density fiber cord in 2004
  • 500MHz Quick-Ground Connectors in 2006

The highest/A higher standard of choice

  • XGLO optimized laser with 10GB/s fiber solution
  • End-to-end LightSystem fiber cabling system
  • TERA solution category 7A/class FA, the copper system with the best available performance
  • 10G 6A 10GB/s category 6A solution in F/UTP and UTP
  • Pre-terminated copper and fiber cable sets
  • Premium 6, UTP system in system 6 category 6
  • Premium 5e, copper solutions 5e system category 5e, UTP and F/UTP
  • Intelligent MapIT Infrastructure Management (IIM)
  • Industrial cabling – connectivity options in inconsistent environments

The highest/A higher standard of global delivery

  • Global infrastructure and delivery system
  • Siemon operates in production, logistics, sales and support on a wide global scale across multiple units. These units are operated by a large team of global and regional distribution partners.
  • We operate in an ongoing commitment to perfect and expand our global infrastructure
  • We vigorously provide high quality products as well as a first-class support and logistics network, anywhere on the planet

The highest/A higher standard of Support and Services
Global network of Siemon certified installers

  • Strict application process and requirements
  • Minimum of 5 years working in the market
  • Evidence of financial stability
  • Professional participation (BICSI, Etc.)
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified training program
  • Intensive training
  • Mandatory re-certification every 2 years
  • First-class training in design and installation
  • Offers complete system warranty

Siemon data center design services – Expert technical support
Data Center Auditions / Hearings – analysis and recommended actions in:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Energy consumption
  • Thermal management
  • Documentation
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Review of plans/CAD Design
  • Rapid global implementation

Project assistance program

  • Helps you find the best Siemon companies/installers
  • Minimizes search and selection time
  • Ensures high quality installation and design
  • Single campus
  • Multiple locations
  • Global locations