Grupo binário


A Riverbed, parceira do Grupo Binário, é Líder em Infraestrutura de Desempenho de Aplicativo e oferece a Plataforma de Computação Independente de Localização.

Riverbed® is a leader in Application Performance Infrastructure, offering the most complete platform for Location Independent Computing. Location Independent Computing turns location and distance into a competitive advantage, giving IT the flexibility to host applications and data in the most suitable locations while ensuring that applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed and performance problems are detected and corrected before end users even realize it.

Riverbed Application Performance Platform

The most complete location independent computing platform that guarantees perfect performance and the best user experience.

In a world where application performance is comparable to business performance, Riverbed offers the most complete platform that enables organizations to take independent computing location, so that the business objectives – not the technical limitations – guide how applications and data are made available. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform ™ (Riverbed APP ™) represents a set of integrated software solutions that offer companies the flexibility to host applications and data in the locations that best serve their business, while ensuring the perfect delivery of the applications that best take advantage of global resources and radically reduce business operating costs while maximizing employee productivity.