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Conheça a Qwilt, nosso parceiro que é formado por uma talentosa equipe de veteranos da Cisco e Juniper. Saiba mais da Revolução de vídeo on-line!

The masterminds behind Qwilt form a talented team of veterans from Cisco and Juniper. We have the support of visionary investors, such as Accel, Redpoint, Marker and Bessemer. Together, they saw the strategic opportunity to develop the next generation network infrastructure and architecture that service providers need to enable the future of online video entertainment.

A revolution in online video platforms is underway.

The 50-year paradigm of television consumption is being shaken by consumers, technology and the commercial models of new service providers. First, consumers now have more control and freedom of choice than ever: they select content, time, place and screen. Second, technology is making it possible to distribute online videos, both recorded and live, at a scale and quality that override traditional TV channels. Third, the business models of new service providers and the emergence of new content providers impacted the conventional value chain and accelerated the transition from TV to online video viewing.

This revolution creates a strategic problem for network operators.

The revolution in online video platforms is creating one of the most challenging problems in terms of network technology ever faced by mobile and landline providers. To solve this problem, network operators will need to consider new strategies to expand network capacity and meet growing demand. To make this revolution possible, operators need to implement a new architecture: smart network devices that distribute video content to the extremities of the network. This architecture is essential to optimize the network infrastructure and ensure the quality of the experience for the consumer.

Qwilt’s breakthrough innovation is able to keep the video platform revolution going on.

Qwilt’s products enable operators to create a universal video loop that works continuously, without interruptions or modifications to the network infrastructure or content providers. This helps operators to control the cost of increasing online video traffic, while improving the quality of the experience and keeping options open for future business models.

Advantages for all parts of the video ecosystem

Operators are not the only ones to benefit from Qwilt’s solution. At Qwilt, we create solutions that target all members of the online video ecosystem: content providers, service providers, CDNs and consumers. In English, the verb “quilt” means to sew several fabrics to form one. This is exactly the mission of Qwilt. We recognize the value of bringing the entire ecosystem together with products that will allow online video technology to flourish.