Grupo binário


A Peplink, parceira do Grupo Binário, tem soluções de Internet load balancing e VPN bonding, com roteadores para melhorar a disponibilidade e reduzir custos.

Simple and indestructible branched networks anywhere

Since its foundation, our company’s goal has always been to create the most reliable and easy to use routers on the market. Since then, we have developed routers linking multiple WAN VPNs (SD-WAN) and access points with industry-leading durability, an intuitive and straightforward online interface and a wide range of unbeatable features.

From home office users to branch networks to emergency service vehicles, we help thousands of customers migrate from traditional WAN to our SD-WAN solutions, offering greater bandwidth, more reliable WANs and lower cost.

Connect, monitor and manage the cloud

With the advent of cloud computing, new ways have emerged to make networks more flexible and easier to manage than ever before. We continue to develop new products that offer SD-WAN capabilities.

We have virtualized our VPN technology, allowing virtual machines to run on popular platforms (such as Amazon Web Services) to create an indestructible VPN with our cutting-edge network devices, connecting us to each other. We’ve developed a central cloud controller that helps network administrators to view, manage and monitor complex global WAN deployments through a single console on the web. Many time-consuming tasks such as firmware updates, changes to settings and VPN configuration, can now be performed on hundreds of devices at the same time with just a few clicks.

Why choose Peplink?

Reliability inside and out

When we developed Peplink Balance, reliability is our top priority. The hardware is manufactured to offer more durability. The software is continuously tested by engineers and automated robots 24 hours a day. A group of dedicated customers collaborate with us to perfect every detail. The result is an extremely solid business-class product that works flawlessly.


Companies around the world depend on Peplink for reliable Internet. No more worries about Internet connectivity: it will always be available to you. Check out some of our main deployments here.

Ease of use for everyone

Unlike other network devices, which require hours of professional work to set up the network, Peplink products are made for everyone. We allow you to do more with less effort. All advanced features are integrated into an easy to use package. Load balancing your Internet is no longer a nightmare.

Think innovatively

You no longer need to “hack” routers, create systems with technologies like Unix, configure commands and waste endless hours. Maintenance is no longer an issue. Peplink products simplify the process and start balancing your network load in minutes.

Ease of use

Our resources are easily accessible and minimal configuration is required. Just click, drag and drop and you are already using the router. For more advanced options, you have the same easy-to-use interface that helps you optimize traffic on your network without complications.