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What we do

The modern company consists of a wide and complex set of applications, services, software and hardware. Your company and its reputation depend on the uninterrupted availability of these systems and services. NetScout keeps all these different parts working in harmony and without interruption.

How we do it

We watch, listen and learn. With over 30 years of research and innovation in network operations, NetScout has developed the unique ability to record, classify and analyze all of your network traffic in real time. While it may seem (and be) an overwhelming task, we feel that this is the only way to provide you with detailed information about the integrity and well-being of your company.

Who uses NetScout?

NetScout supports many leading organizations and major US government agencies. Our products help these customers deal with today’s most complicated technological challenges, such as cloud computing services, internationally outsourced workforce, distributed infrastructure, as well as increased mobility and collaboration.

We also help service providers to meet the service demands and expectations of bandwidth-hungry subscribers, in addition to supporting state-of-the-art mobile devices and enabling new subscription services that increase revenue.

We would love to have your company on our list of prestigious partners.

Solid support

We love working at NetScout and helping your company solve your problems faster and with less drama. Knowledge is power and our work generates powerful results. This creates an extremely rewarding work environment. In fact, satisfaction is such that the average tenure of employees in the company is 11 years. This is an impressive figure for the technology sector.

Our vision always ahead

Always trying to surpass our own achievements, we devote all our efforts to offer latest-generation service assurance solutions. Remember when we said we heard? In fact, we listen and do it faster and more efficiently than ever. In 2013, we won the new Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) patent. This specific breakthrough is at the heart of our new nGeniusONE product line, which offers a unified view of the performance and integrity of thousands of servers, services, applications and networks. We collect data from all your networks and store it in a way that allows you to instantly understand the functioning of all your applications.