Wireless networks have never been more business-critical.

To offer modern companies a Wi-Fi solution synchronized with the digital age, Mist created the first AI-oriented WLAN platform: Mist Wireless LAN

The Mist platform is a truly innovative approach to wireless technology that combines AI, machine learning and data science with the latest cloud technologies. It provides an intelligent, agile and scalable solution that optimizes the Wireless experience and brings relevant data about network usage.

The Mist platform includes the following key elements.

Mist Cloud

Mist combines AI automation with micro-service agility

  • Offers resource speed with continuous updates that take minutes instead of months.
  • Offers full programming capability through open APIs for proactive automation.
  • Adapts in real time to changes in user, device and application behavior, reliable Wi-Fi and accurate location services.
  • Monitors network trends in real time and sends alerts when service levels drop.
  • Makes recommendations for troubleshooting and proactive configuration changes.

Mist subscription services

Mist offers cloud-based services to meet a variety of wireless networking needs.

Wi-Fi Guarantee

  • Automates operations to save time and money.


  • Offers unprecedented visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience.
  • Allows you to define, monitor and apply service levels for connection time, capacity, throughput and much more.
  • Provides simple root cause analysis and remediation across wireless and wired network and device domains.
  • Addresses major network anomalies with automatic network rollback and dynamic packet capture.

Marvis AI – Virtual network oriented assistant/wizard.

  • Simplifies network operations and technical support functions with natural language queries.
  • Flexible search service, resource classification, data mining and other tools to obtain detailed information on customer, site and network behavior.
  • Proactively detects anomalies, correlates events, assigns confidence levels and automatically notifies IT for quick problem resolution.

User Engagement

  • Uses Bluetooth LE (BLE) to deploy high-value wireless services, such as internal navigation and proximity messages.
  • It does not require battery operated Beacons.
  • Share location information with colleagues, family and friends.

Asset location

  • Find important assets and people with ease.
  • Collect detailed analysis of traffic patterns.
  • Eliminates proprietary RTLS solutions and expensive overlay systems.

Mist Edge

Some micro-services require specific network functions that need to be handled locally, such as tunnel termination and VLAN tagging. Mist Edge extends selected micro-services to the campus while using the Mist cloud and its distributed software architecture for scalable and resilient operations, management, troubleshooting and analysis.

Mist Access Points

Mist leads the convergence of Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT with enterprise-grade Access Points. These products offer data collection, analysis and policy enforcement, along with machine learning, location services and event correlation. They also include an expansion port for IoT devices.

Superior Wi-Fi and BLE performance

In addition to offering unrivaled Wi-Fi range and performance, Mist Access points have a set of 16-element dynamic vBLE antennas for the industry’s most accurate and scalable location services. The models are available with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac Wave 2 radio technologies.

Data collection, analysis and application

Mist access points are created specifically to collect metadata for more than 150 states that allow the cloud-based AI engine to perform analysis, machine learning, location services and event correlation. Access points incorporate a third radio for security monitoring and troubleshooting, permanently on.

Enterprise-level converged platform

Mist access points include an IoT interface port for integrating and controlling IoT devices. This feature allows Access points to bridge the physical, location and connectivity regions, freeing up value for your network.