Cambium combines performance and innovation, providing connectivity to difficult-to-access environments and effectively solving large-scale projects.

Why Cambium?

The only one that offers a complete solution with wireless network technology for companies, IoT, communities and service providers.


It offers personalized connectivity quickly and the best corporate wireless solutions adapting to your ever-evolving needs.


As redes podem crescer com facilidade, abrangendo desde um numero pequeno de assinantes até milhares de residências, empresas e equipamentos de campo conectados.

Networks can easily grow/expand, ranging from a small number of subscribers to thousands of homes, businesses and connected field equipment.

Always available

Cambium Networks’ access network solutions are proven to be rigorous and reliable in the long term, reducing maintenance costs and providing a low total cost of ownership.


Enables real-time monitoring of network performance and management of software and hardware with a panoramic view of the entire network.

Complete solutions

Cambium Networks wireless smart access layer solutions:

Cambium Networks wireless access layer smart solutions:

Our wireless narrowband and Wi-Fi infrastructure, point to point and point to multipoint can be used for corporate access layer, IIoT industrial access and residential access applications. The entire network designed for a purpose is managed with a panoramic view by cnMaestro. All Cambium Networks solutions are supported by our global organization. We provide 24/7 support services tailored to meet your business needs.