Network Management

The Network Management refers to the activities , methods, procedures and tools for operation , administration, maintenance and provisioning network systems.

The operation maintains the network and its operational and includes monitoring the network for troubleshooting.

Directors ensures the proper functioning of the systems.

Maintenance controls repairs and upgrades of systems and possible interventions and the Provisioning is used for adding new configurations and resources on the network.

The systems can either have its own management tools using frameworks for this purpose.

Among the Management solutions we offer:

  • Specific management by Manufacturer; 
  • Management of Elements; 
  • Fail Management;
  • Trafic Management;
  • Network Management VPN/MPLS;
  • Modeling and Capacity Planning;
  • Supply Systems;
  • Management networks VoIP and Call Center;
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Management;
  • Event Correlation;

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