Arbor Networks

The Grupo Binário offers smart and affordable security solutions against DDoS attacks. Optimizes the visibility and performance of internal network of enterprises, service providers and government organizations, through the Arbor Peakflow and Pravail.
The Arbor is a leading provider of network security and management solutions for enterprise data centers and service provider networks.


Increase your internal network visibility, detect and mitigate known and emerging threats and improve network efficiency.
The Pravail Arbor provides security and network management in place for businesses and government organizations. Designed to prevent both internal and external to the network availability and data theft threats, Pravail consists of two essential tools:


The availability of network and services is critical for any business operator or government network. The Pravail APS ensures reliable access to their core network by detecting and blocking threats to availability, such as DDoS and other cyber attacks before they evolve into costly service interruptions.


The greater the visibility of the internal operations of the network, the better your ability to stay ahead of advanced and internal threats. The Pravail NSI provides situational awareness and security intelligence throughout the network you need to understand these threats and proactively defend them.


Detect, analyze and mitigate threats to network availability to ensure the availability of services and improve network performance.

Protection against DDoS and network visibility without equal.
As a leader in network availability solution for the vast majority of (ISPs) service providers and several of the largest companies in the world, Peakflow offers proven protection against DDoS and wide network visibility. Flexible and scalable, the Peakflow consists of two powerful tools:


The Peakflow SP solution provides deep visibility into network and actionable intelligence so that you can proactively protect your network services, improve network performance and reduce costs.

Peakflow SP Threat Management System (TMS Peakflow SP)

Fully integrated with Peakflow SP, the Peakflow SP Threat Management System (TMS) provides a full suite of countermeasures for DDoS to surgically remove the attack traffic while maintaining the flow of legitimate traffic without disrupting network services.


For businesses, government services and servers.



Pravail APS

Pravail NSI