CA Technologies

CA (CA Technologies), founded in March 26th 1974, is a software and IT Management Solutions Provider. CA helps customers in all sectors to achieve success in a future where every business will be redefined by the use of software. Having CA’s software in the center of the IT strategy allows the exploit of all the technology, making customers able to prosper in the new app economy. Offering the means to implant, monitor and protect the apps and the infrastructure.

The solution of infrastructure management monitors and manages the performance and capacity of the services and IT actives both in the traditional model and the cloud/virtualized model.



The CA Unified Infrastructure Management combines simplicity associated to punctual IT solutions with enterprise scalability and hosting in several places. This unified solution in IT monitoring, purges the necessity of having various solutions, helping to optimize the operational efficiency and reduce complexity, cost and the inconvenience of using and integrating different IT monitoring tools.

  • Speed up the problem solving.
    Reduce the repair time up to 40% with unified and intuitive workflows.

  • Reduce cost and complexity.
    Reduce expenses and the effort related to maintenance of several complex IT monitoring tools, servers and network.

  • Faster app Implementation.
    Make more agile operations possible through standardized settings and pre-defined monitoring for more than 140 technologies.

  • Assure an astonishing experience for the user and facilitate agile operations.
    The CA Unified Infrastructure Management offers unified visualizations and a back end architecture that allows the proactive optimization of the services’ levels, anticipating problems, along with the reducement of cost and the complexity of using and integrating different IT monitoring tools.
CA Spectrum

High performance and continuous availability with qualified root-cause analysis.
CA Spectrum allows your company to discover, optimize and enhance the infrastructure and the business’ services which operate in it.
Enterprise scalability, sturdy resources and qualified root-cause analysis can help your company manage the dynamics and complexity of the IT infrastructure with physical, virtual and cloud spaces, as well as network virtualization. The honed CA Spectrum architecture reduce time and cost associated with the management of several managing consoles through compatibility with thousands of devices and millions of models, increasing the scalability and simplifying the management of the team.
The CA Spectrum can help your company to improve the network service levels. And, when integrating the automatized failure management, their isolation, the proactive management of changes and the root-cause analysis on a single platform, the solution can also help reduce the costs of failure monitoring. CA Spectrum automatizes their management in infrastructures with several technologies and devices from different manufacturers, adapting the visualization of information and the management of resources to attend to all needs from all users, technicians and non-technicians.

  • Speed Up the Problem Solving.
    Make use of the automatized discovery, events correlation and functions of root-cause analysis which enhance the repair time.

  • Increase the services’ levels.
    Increase the availability and system performance by diminishing changes and mistakes.

  • Speed Up Innovation.
    Capitalize technologies and innovative approaches, such as cloud and virtualization, using a single management platform.